Monday, July 7, 2014

My Hero's Journey: Unleashing the Actor, Writer, Poet, Artist Within

"My Spirit Guide" by Kevin D'Arcy
It astonishing to me how much I need the artist in me during times of stress and hardship. In my hero's journey, I am awake to the fact that as a child I always used my creative imagination to cope with the challenges I faced. I sketched, I created charcoal paintings, I wrote poetry, I wrote short stories, I played "Dungeons & Dragons", I dabbled in sculpture.  I eventually became an actor.  My life was continuosly marinating in creativity.

Somewhere down the line as student loans, credit card debt and trying to stay afloat financially took center stage, my creative outlets shrunk down to simply trying to "book" work as a professional actor.

This youtube clip and frankly, my awakening to the theme of events arising in my life over th last few weeks and months, have been pointing me in the direction of creativity as a NEED not a luxury. I feel those former aspects of myself yearning to be unleashed to express themselves, clearly not for monetary gain but for the purpose of keeping me SANE!

Yes, I must look at myself as a creative professional but I must also make a point of nurturing the inner artist in all his forms and allow my life and career to unfold without constriction. Truth is I love to write, so I am gonna write, and see what unfolds. I use to love drawing; I may just grab a canvas and just let my freak flag fly and see what pours out of my mind onto the canvas then stick it up on my living room wall!

Yes, I could really use an infusion of money to keep my stressed out control freak self functioning. However, something is telling me that this IS the time to surrender to the call to creative expression and use this self-expression as the nourishment my soul is craving.

I found this clip by TedTalks with the artist Gale Fulton Ross talking about the creativity that lives in us all.
It is another one of those "The Universe is speaking to ME" moments. I am choosing to listen and welcome  those multiple personalities back into my life for good!

Just for fun, I took a pic of a charcoal sketch I did many years ago of my "Spirit Guide". I remember I covered the canvas in charcoal, meditated and asked my spirit guide to reveal itself. I then proceeded to use tissue to wipe away the charcoal and allow whatever image wished to reveal itself to reveal itself.  The white light in the center is the camera flash not a part of the charcoal work, but it does seem to fit with the picture:)

It's the only thing I ever framed and kept. I thought it would be a nice reminder to myself to get reconnected to my Inner Self. 

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