Monday, July 7, 2014

Exploring Mantras/Chanting in My Meditation Practice

I'm exploring the use of mantras and chanting as I work on enriching my meditation practice. I found this meditation clip a fun introduction to mantras. The clip is from youtuber "MeditationMusicGirl."

This mantra is "Om Brzee Namaha".  I have no idea what it means but it is a wealth mantra. The pace was rhythmic and not conducive to my sitting still so I surrendered to the beat as I chanted and it turned more into a dance with no other thought than the chant. It felt a little like listening to Native American drumming. Maybe it's because I love to dance, but I could not sit still as I chanted to the beat! I haven't decided if this is better to do as my morning or evening meditation. I will experiment and see what feels best. 

I suppose meditation is not limited to sitting still on a pillow, right?.

Either way, I quite enjoyed myself. I may stick with this for a bit and see what if anything unfolds into my experience as a result.  Considering my current financial issues, I am open to attracting abundance and prosperity from any means the Universe wishes to send it! Enjoy.

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