Sunday, July 6, 2014

"Il dolce far niente"/"The Sweetness of Doing Nothing" Is The Best Description of this Day

Sometimes, life can get so stressful worrying about bills, responsibilities, goals yet to be met that we sometimes forget to simply relax and BE. Despite some things I could have done, I decided to embrace one of the lessons of "Eat. Pray. Love" and indulge in "Il dolce far niente" a.k.a. "the sweetness of doing nothing.".

I started off the morning with an impromptu trip to "House of Secrets: Comics & Toys" in Burbank. I grew up on a healthy dose of Xmen and Avengers comics. However, as I moved from Philadelphia to California, I lost touch with my geeky pleasure only allowing myself to indulge via the movies of  Xmen and The Avengers.

As I explored youtuber Neil McNeil's channel, I felt the urge returning as he mentions this comic book shop as part of his Wednesday ritual. It stood out because  his Wednsday ritual consists of stopping off at House of Screts before heading off to a bar in Burbank to do trivia. Strangely enough, the trivia bar is literally two blocks from my apartment so it left an impression.:) What are the odds I would randomly follow some vlogger and he ends up living in my town driving around places I know? Weird but fun at the same time. It has allowed me to discover numerous interesting spots in my own city to check out on my own. In another interesting coincidence I came across a vlog by Amy Dallen on LGBT characters in comics.  As it turns out she actually works at the comic book shop.  It was a bit surreal talking to someone who you've been listening to on YouTube. Amy was oh so sweet and just as knowledgeable and helpful as she appeared to be in her vlog.  Unfortunately, the comic I came to get was currently out of my budget range (for now) so I settled for a new issue of the X-Men just for fun. I will definitely be back.

 Strange as it may seem, it was wonderful taking time for myself to just be the geek that I truly am and browse a comic book shop and in a way merge my current YouTube self-education into the "everyday-ness" of my life.  Who says I can't enjoy comics agaon? After all what is the point of life if you don't live it with joy?

Amy was truly a sweetheart. I picked her brain on how she learned about video editing and she gave me a lead to follow.  Thanks, Amy!

If you are ever having a comic book craving, be sure to check out House of Secrets in Burbank.

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