Friday, September 20, 2013

Pet Parent Responsibilities Come First

Well, I guess this is where the rubber meets the road. While, I have been pretty good at committing to my marathon training goals, I am finding certain pet parent priorities making the prospects of my doing the LA Marathon not seem realistic.

If I am being honest, the potential costs involved feel a bit irresponsible for me to consider when I am currently in the tightest budget I've ever gotten by on in years and I have my dog Rusty to care for. 

Keeping him healthy, happy and free of dental issues is a bit more important. Who knew 80% of dogs develop dental issues? A friend pointed out he was getting serious build up that could lead to expensive vet bills I simply cannot afford. If I don't get on top of it we are in trouble. So, that is where any excess funds have to be allocated. Ah, well. My boy Rusty's needs trump the marathon any day. Not a tremendous price to pay as a pet parent for all the love I get from this guy.  December marks two years with my first pet. There have been many challenges and many irreplaceable moments of joy.

Hopefully, I will continue to learn more about how to be a good guardian of my dog's health and well-being. I may not know what I am doing but I am figuring out what I can as we go along,  Vet bills are so expensive, I had no idea of that cost factor when I adopted but I will make it work somehow. I take the same stance I do with my own health. Preventative medicine is so much better than costly hospital bills for either of us.  

Here's hoping things make a turn in the direction of greater abundance for me and brighter teeth for Rusty.

I may need to consider setting up an online bank account to plan ahead for all these additional Vet costs I never knew were a reality for life with a dog.

Live and learn.


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