Friday, August 1, 2014

July: Month End Check in on 2014 Goals

These last few months have been quite challenging. I fell off on tracking my progress on my 2014 goals. However, the beauty of life is you can always pick yourself up and continue forward.

1. Confession time. I have been absorbed with a writing project with a friend that has taken up much of my free time and sanity for the last few months. The good thing is it reminded me of my love of writing. Regardless of what comes of this particular project, it has inspired me to explore the possibilities of writing on my own again. If something comes of it, fantastic, if it doesn't it will keep me in the flow of creative activity. 

When a friend from New York came to visit, she encouraged me to come up with a web series. Who knows it could be an acting vehicle or simply a great writing adventure on its own. I may give it a try. 

2. Unfortunately, due to commitment to writing project my Spanish studies have fallen off. Time to get back on!

3. My gym workouts at La Fitness have fallen off as well.

4. In terms of my social life, I admit I have not been tremendously social. However, I have been continuing with my YouTube education so any socializing over the last two months have been mainly in YouTube. Hey, better than nothing.  I actually found following some of my favorite YouTubers provided a much needed mental escape when I had writer's block! Yay, YouTube!

Okay. What have I learned?  While on the one hand, I was very creatively productive. Nevertheless, I need to find a balance with other goals.  While big projects may arise causing some goals to fall off track, it doesn't mean that everything has to crumble to bits. I need to strive for balance and what I end up with won't be too bad.

I have been notorious for setting goals and not following through. My biggest goal is ultimately to power through and follow through on my goals come what may. Yes, I may stumble, I may fumble but as Whitney says  "I was not built to break."

I will find my own strength and make my goals my new reality.

Ahh.. live and learn.

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