Monday, June 10, 2013

"Man of Steel" Is Flying In This Weekend!

Who doesn't want to fly?

The "Man of Steel" is just days away and I am excited to see this re-imagining of a classic story that got me through the darkest days of my childhood!

I must admit I was that kid who was so clearly seen as the nerdy Clark Kent. Truth be told, I secretly dreamed I had a bit of Superman in me! It was the mental secret weapon I had for coping with the relentless neighborhood bullies.

Hey, a little imagination is the best superpower a guy could ask for at any age. 

I found this featurette of the upcoming film and jut had to share. It definitely has me charged up for an adventure this weekend!


  1. The man does seem to have `grown' a bit.

    We still need imagination, & we still need hope.
    Looks interesting Kevin.
    Cheers, ic

  2. I couldn't agree more! Imagination and hope are good friends of mine:) Just bought my tickets on-line for tomorrow night! Cannot wait to lose myself in that story. I much needed pick me up after this lousy week.

    All the best!