Thursday, June 13, 2013

Enjoying the Original Superman Theme Song in Preparation for "Man of Steel" Opening!

Just bought my "Man of Steel" tickets for tomorrow night and I cannot wait!

Look it has been a long week. I have had so much "drama" coming my way, I could use a heavy dose of escapism! Truth be told, this is why I love being an actor. Life has so many challenges and moments of stress. To be a part of a profession that provides people around the world an opportunity to set their troubles aside and enjoy their day is to me a noble profession.

Hey, that is what movies do for me. I love every opportunity I have to hopefully do that for others.

Yes, I may seem like a big kid but, who cares?! Life is too short. With all the things currently going on just trying to keep pursuing my craft and stay financially afloat, it is challenging not to remain stuck in a perpetual state of depression. Yes, I had the blues this week but I am dragging myself back up, dusting myself off and with the help of "Man of Steel", I am recharging that part of me that says:


Getting back to my Superman mania..., it has occurred to me that with this new film, a new theme song will make its debut, along with Henry Cavill as a new Superman to replace the late great Christopher Reeve for a new generation. So, in honor of Mr. Reeve and the original theme song composed by John Williams, I thought I'd post the theme song for one last look to the past with respect.

Enjoy :)  

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