Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Scene on "2 Broke Girls" on CBS Website

While I was surfing the net I discovered that my scene from "2 Broke Girls" has been used as a clip on the CBS website. That was cool to see!

As I am playing the audition/waiting game I might as well celebrate whatever brings me joy as often as I can. The alternative is slipping into the usual actor's depression that comes with the territory but must be resisted as much as possible.

I realized this week that if I am not vigilant at focusing on the positive, it is way too easy to fall into the negative. When this happens, it is amazing how much negative reinforcement you hear from those around you. We speak in the negative so regularly, that it feels like the norm instead of simply negative thinking.  I really can't afford to stay in that negative frame of mind for long or it will affect EVERYTHING!

So enjoy this clip with my brief appearance and hold a good thought for me! Thought has power!:)