Friday, December 7, 2012

Apartment Living During The Holidays!

I have lived in the same apartment for quite a while. It never ceases to amaze me how excited our manager's wife gets during the holidays! She decorates as if her life depended upon it. Halloween is filled with creepy goblins, skeletons  and motion sensor triggered witches cackling as we enter or exit the apartment complex.

I must say the first time Rusty and I went out for his walk and got surprised by the sudden witch's scream, we both nearly jumped out of our skin. I later found it humorous. Rusty was not amused. Unfortunately she always puts up her decorations so early, by the time Halloween actually rolled around the battery was so low the witches cackle sounded more like a warped record on its final death spiral.

Tonight, she is working on her Christmas display. We have a light show of Santa and his reindeer dangling front the roof over the courtyard. This year, they went all out with some sort of life size air blown plastic holiday characters singing Christmas carols and playing instruments. It definitely puts you in the holiday spirit.

I generally gave up on decorating my apartment about two years into living here. I bought a live Christmas tree and decorations, the whole nine yards. When I was finally done I thought why did I do all of this? It is just me and now there are pine needles everywhere, my fingers are in shreds and I need to water this monstrosity before it turns into a fire hazard.  Oiy! Now I leave it up to our resident decorator to do her thing and I appreciate the holidays from afar. I think I am the only resident who doesn't light up there living room window with the holiday schtick. Today a large plastic candy cane was shoved into my potted lemon tree I have been growing outside my front door. I guess that means I am participating.:)

I know I know I sound like a grinch but I am really not. I just hate decorating my apartment for the holidays. I do however enjoy the enthusiasm our Manager's wife takes in making our complex have a feel of "Home".


  1. Hey, I like the photo on this post. When I had my apartment 2 years ago, I didn't really decorate it for Christmas either; I flew out to WA to visit, so what was the use?

    You have a neat blog. Congrats on having the clip with you on it aired. Even if you're 29 or older, keep trying. The actor Harrison Ford, made it and he was OVER 29.

  2. Hey Christina, I have been away for a bit and just saw your comment. Thanks. I will keep trying. I can't imagine doing anything else! Here's to a fabulous 2013 for us both!