Tuesday, March 21, 2017

When Your Brain Is Ready To Explode


There are truly days when it feels like my brain just won't shut off! I have been having issues with insomnia and I will admit anxiety as I wrestle with fears surrounding my diagnosis of prediabetes, high cholesterol, and high creatinine levels. I have been making changes, from diet to quitting smoking yet it is hard to let go of the fear of not doing enough or the what ifs of potentially becoming diabetic or have serious kidney problems.

It is scary to be uncertain if I am on the right track. I hope I am but I have not lost weight  which concerns me as I have not eaten meat in what feels like forever yet nothing. Maybe it will kick in later. I will admit, fighting off depression has been impacting my ability to get an exercise regime going strong. Wow, anxiety and depression are a major roadblock but I just cannot let this
 roadblock lead me to a lifetime of having to take insulin.

AHHH. Need to come up with a serious strategy if I can get a good night's sleep. My brain is ready to explode if I don't get it together.

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