Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Happy Holidays to ALL!
Not Rusty but looks like him:)

Life has been pretty good. I have been offline for a bit but happy to say I have found in these last few months my career has been keeping me busy. I've booked a few acting jobs and have begun to take my health much more seriously.

The funny thing is, seeing myself on television forced myself to see myself as others see me rather than how I imagined I looked. Wow! I dusted off my LA Fitness membership card and made friends with a certain treadmill to get the blood flowing and the fat melting.

I am finding a little time everyday to be good to myself by exercising and incorporating meditation into my day. Where this road will lead, who knows but it feels good to feel good!

It is a strangely warm and sunny Christmas day here in Los Angeles.  My dog Rusty and I plan on taking a long walk to soak in the sun, burn a few calories and enjoy the benefits of living in Southern California.  


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