Monday, May 15, 2017

Learning to Step Up My Social Media Game

Being an actor is virtually a lifelong career which, feasibly, you don't need to retire from as long as the roles keep coming and you have the stamina to continue in an often brutal industry. Regardless of your age, what every actor can no longer avoid is the value of social media. One's social media imprint is becoming a growing point of interest for casting as it lets them know if you can be, from day one, a source of publicity and potential audience members via your social media following. My challenge is to grow my social media presence organically.

It is cool that my talent managers are stepping up their social media game and announcing when clients book work. I like it because I feel a bit self-serving when I announce I booked a job. I know it is weird but I'm adjusting, embracing social media, and I'm learning this is all a part of being a creative professional in the entertainment industry.

I'm learning more and more about my own industry, what it takes to be an actor in the 21st century  and having fun in the process. I'm not interested in pretending I know what I don't know so, forgive me if I sound like a naive actor.

That said, I booked a pilot this pilot season entitled "Good Girls." The show has a great cast and if it get's picked up, I will be shouting from the rooftops!  It was a fun gig and the cast members I got to work with were sweet and frankly actors who you hope have every success in whatever they do.  Obviously, I hope that the show is picked up this fall for NBC's line up. If my character recurs as well, I would be a happy camper! Finger's crossed!

I am represented by Allen Edelman Management so if you want to check out the announcement the company made on my behalf,  check out their website:   

If you want to help me as I step up my social media "game" feel free to follow me on twitter: @KevinDArcy_Live

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