Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Honoring Your Dreams...Honoring Your Roots...

The D'Arcy Clan in Guyana
This post may seem very strange. I know. However, I believe in the power  and importance of our dreams. So when I dream pops out at me, I try to listen to whatever message is being sent my way.

So, I was sitting at my computer and found myself asleep without realizing it. I was dreaming i was sitting at my computer and my grandfather whom I have never met but know only through stories my mother, her sisters or my older siblings would mention, appeared to me. Growing up, "Danny Boy" was a song my mum and her six sisters would sing as kids and would sing at some point whenever they got together at a family gathering in America. This song has been my strongest connection to my grandfather. Now, as strange as this sounds I was watching television and decided to check out my blog. I dozed briefly a moment ago and dreamed my grandpa was asking me to remember him and listen to this song. Honestly, I'm not sure when the dream began. It just happened. It was so outta no where, I felt the need to follow this dream request... So, I dedicate this to my grandfather, Charles Reuben D'Arcy, whom I never met but whose memory has shaped my life and those of the D'Arcy Clan wherever in the world they may be...

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  1. Wow, Kevin. You look so much like your Grandfather. Happy Dreams!