Thursday, March 14, 2013

Discovering My Local Farmer's Market

Life is good. I am slowly starting to feel the benefits of eating a predominately plant based diet.  I made the choice to lean in the direction of a vegetarian life choice while appreciating unparalleled joy of munching on a delicious chicken breast or they fabulous array of seafood available fresh or frozen from my favorite place to shop- the 99 Ranch Market!

I found the key was stumbling upon my local farmer's market a few Saturdays ago. I bought some fresh organic beets and organic purple kale. In all honesty I never saw much of a difference buying organic at the store versus the regular version. However, this farmer's market stuff tastes so rich in flavor, I plan to add them to my weekly shopping routine. It's a win win. I am helping the local economy and the vegetables I am getting make eating healthy less of a drudgery. I am not committing to all organic all the time, but I am open to exploring different organic fruit and vegetable options. It is refreshing to actually enjoy awakening my taste buds with food I don't have to feel guilty about five minutes later.

Again, the "leaning in approach" is working with my personality 'cause I am not trying to revamp everything at once just subtly adjusting things. I have noticed I am feeling a little more energy and pep in my step. In time, a noticeable weight loss would be appreciated:)



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